The Dog Tags For Pets Revolution

In UK law, engraved dog tags for pets is one rule of many implemented for new dog owners to follow. It states that each public dog should have an engraved ID tag to guard the dog from theft.

And, with an average of eight million dog pets across the country, if one pet is lost, it’s rough to go looking for the correct owner without any ID. With the assistance of engraved tags where the name and address of the pet owner is engraved or printed, people will have a method of returning the pet to its owner.

Dog tags originally started as popular metal tags that were worn by the servicemen and soldiers for many years. However, in the modern world, it has become more popular for pets to wear them. Currently, dog tags are the fashion flavour of the style-conscious pet enthusiast and are a must in the younger generation’s collection of pet fashion accessories. They are also extremely popular with celebrities too.

You will find custom dog tags that come in a wide variety and are ideal for giveaways, as fundraising products and also as promotional items. The tags also make a great gift.

The best thing about custom engraved dog tags are that they can have personal details engraved on them with a message on it for your loved one. You will find an extensive selection of colourful online pet tags that can have any particular specification on them at:

Here are 4 forms of dog tags for pets:


1. Flag Dog Tags.

This is for the patriotic sort. This type of tag is ideal for both male and female pets. Personal info of the pet owner is at the rear of the tag whereas on the front, the tag holds the flag print of a country. This tag is typically for pet owners who like to display their nationality through their pets.

Dog tags for the patriot pet owners

2. Novelty Dog Tags.

This kind of tag is for the funky type. It can be engraved and printed with fun messages like “I have a Cute Paw” or “Fat, however, Cute.” This tag is less likely to be able to be engraved.

Dog tags for the joker pet owners

3. High Bling Dog Tags.

This type of tag is for the flamboyant. This tag comes in several vogue, sizes, and shapes. Some with great accents and shapes for the tag including heart pendants, crystal gems, coloured gems and even paw and bone shaped pet tag. This tags can help raise the dog owners social value for their pet. This style is referred to as “Bling tags” as a result of the instant light that strikes the onlookers eyes from the glint of the tag. This type of dog tag is perfect for pet owners who like to make a statement with their pets.

Dog tags for pet owners that perefer a bit of luxury

4. Vintage Dog Tags.

This sort of pet tag is easy, plain, but comes in varied colours and shapes. It’s used by pet owners who love their pets to blend in and be safe. Charitable organisations will have large numbers of this tag engraved with special sayings or information about the charity and sell them to supporters. Many church groups even get favourite Bible verses engraved and raise money by selling them.

Dog tags for the vintage style pet owners

You can buy tags individually, in pairs, or in huge quantities, and they are very reasonably priced – usually well under $10 each, or even less when bought in bulk. Silencers are great accessories that can be ordered with them. These are plastic or rubber frames around the edges of the tag that keep them from making noise.

You can get pet pet id tags online in either shiny or matte finish and with or without engraving. The uses for these tags are limitless. Whether it’s a fashion thing, a form of ID, a way of having an engraved personalized message or for making a statement, you can create dog tags for cheap and engrave them for your pet. They are not just for military personnel anymore. Join the revolution today!

You can read more about dog tags for your pets here: